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The early 1950's saw the birth of ESPHAR MEDICAL CENTER. a single proprietorship owned and managed by FRANCISCO D. ESPIRITU, who is engaged in the manufacturing, repairing and retailing of hospital equipment and supplies and other allied products. His business establishment was first located at Anacleto Street, Sta. Cruz Manila. Thence , 1425 Rizal Ave. Became an added place of business.

The volume of business demanded a better form of organization and in 1970; the single proprietorship was expanded to become a partnership carrying the same firm name, ESPHAR MEDICAL CENTER.

The following year 1971 saw a need for much expanded form of business organization in order to meet further demand of business. In 1971, the partnership was incorporated, carrying also the firm name ESPHAR MEDICAL CENTER, INC.
During this period, another business establishment was opened at Bambang Street, Sta. Cruz Manila. Also a ware house was constructed at Malinta Valenzuela, Metro Manila for the purpose of storing inventories of the company.
Manufacturing hospital equipments began in full blast during this period and the name ESPHAR became synonymous to a wide range of hospital equipments being manufacture locally. Foremost are the EMC AUTOCLAVE STERILIZER and the INFANT INCUBATOR, which where distributed to almost all government and private hospitals in the Philippines.

During this period, the company was able to purchase a 1,000 square meter lot in Tayuman, Sta. Cruz. A new building was built in 1976, which became an added place of business and presently houses the company's Display and Production Department.

With the death of FRANCISCO D. ESPIRITU IN 1980, the sons and daughters took over the management of the company. Realizing the importance of leadership in the field, the new management adoptive and innovative approach which may be defined as "Integrated Service" , that is offering high standard equipment, competitive pricing and quality service, made possible by the company's Service Centers which are being manned by Esphar's Biomedical and X-ray Engineers.
In 1980's ESPHAR branch out in Mindanao, a branch was open in Sandawa Road, Matina, Davao City, which cover Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, General Santos City and other neighboring cities. ANTONIO A. ESPIRITU. Is managing the said branch. Another was opened in Cagayan De Oro City, at Tiano Bro., Akut St., Cagayan De Oro City which covers Iligan, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Zamboanga, Bukid and other neighboring cities. ALEXANDER ESPIRITU manages the said branch.

During this period, the old building at 1425 Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila was demolished to give way for the construction of a new building and on July 2, 1988, the new building was finally finished and at the same time inaugurated with close friends and business associates acting as sponsors.
It was also during this period that the company purchased the building erected on a 266 square meter lot at Anacleto St., Sta. Cruz Manila, which then housed the Electronic Department of the Company.

Having proven its capability in carrying and manufacturing hospital equipment, ESPHAR not only maintained an untarnished image in the medical equipment business but also achieved an unquestionable service to its client. Thus, ESPHAR was able to secure special projects with the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. It was during this period that ESPHAR was into various project with the Department of Health in Supplying Various equipment such as Autoclave Sterilizer, Water Bath, Suction Apparatus, Sanitary Units, etc.
During the Period the Company added to its line of projects the improvements of various equipment to be manufactured under new technologies such as infant incubators, Laboratory Oven, Digital Temperature Controller, etc.
It was also during this period that ESPHAR engaged in building MOBILE CLINICS. Fortunately, providing Mobile Clinics to different municipalities in the Philippines is being given special priority by the present administration to make possible the giving of immediate medical assistance to the poor especially those living in the remote area.

2000 - 2005
During this period, the company transferred its Production Department to a much bigger place, at 1116 Samal St., Valenzuela City, to make possible the mass production of various hospital equipment, which is covered by the Certificate of Accreditations issued by the Department of Health to Esphar Medical Center, Inc.
Simultaneously, ESPHAR, Davao branch expanded its operation to include the manufacturing of hospital equipment and furnitures to be able to supply the demands in Visayas and Mindanao.
In addition to its present product lines, ESPHAR is now working in the improvement and modernization of various equipment such as:
*Oxygen Pipeline System (manual and automatic) and audio transmittal system. *Computerized Autoclave Sterilizer, and Blood Bank Refrigerator with automatic constant temperature.
*Development of Hospital Waste treatment unit.
It was also on this period that ESPHAR has started to import High Frequency X-ray
Machine from the Korea the DONGMUN X-ray system to fill in the requirements for high frequency x-ray machine.

During this period ESPHAR MEDICAL CENTER, INC. has created a new Biomedical Department that specialized in calibration of medical equipment, ESPHAR is already investing on modern test and calibration equipment due to the Department of Health guidelines on Operation and licensing of Hospitals. ESPHAR has invested on the following test equipment as per Department of Health standard procedure on Testing and Calibration.

*Anesthetic Agent Analyzer Machine
*Cautery power output calibrating machine
*E.C.G. machine calibrating instrument
*X-ray machine test and calibrating equipments
*Mas Meter
*Mammography test and calibrating equipments
*Oxygen Analyzer
*Digital tachometer *Illumination(lux) meter *Oscilloscope *Defibrillator analyzer
*Ventilator Analyzer and Tester

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